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Everything you should know about orgasm balls

Everything you should know about orgasm balls

Orgasm balls are slowly becoming less of a taboo, meaning they are making their way into the lives of more women; even so, there is unfortunately still a lack of knowledge about them. In this article, we’ll try and shed some light on the dark areas still surrounding these sex toys. Let’s take a look!

The origin of orgasm balls

Orgasm balls or “Ben Wa” are so old that their origin dates back to Feudal Japan, contrary to what the name may suggest.

They say that a Japanese emperor with a vast number of concubines grew tired of waiting for them to be lubricated enough for him to have sexual relations with them, so he gave each of them orgasm balls. Once they had been given out and put in position, he could satisfy his needs at any time without having to wait.

Over time, orgasm balls grew in popularity and were used from the 18th century by geishas, which is also why they are sometimes known as “Chinese balls”.

What are they and how do you use them

The famous orgasm balls are nothing more than two balls connected by a cord, with a smaller ball inside. During normal movement, like walking, these smaller balls hit the sides of the balls they are inside, which creates a vibration.

The vibration we’re talking about is the one that creates a continuous involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, increasing lubrication, toning and blood flow – over time, orgasms also improve.

They are very easy to use – you should start with lightweight orgasm balls, to save the frustration of heavier balls falling out to start with. Once you’ve found the best ones for you, it’s a matter of putting them in place with the cord left outside. After that, you have to contract your muscles, drawing in the balls, and holding that position for 10 seconds. Then release and relax the muscles for a few seconds and repeat the process 10 times about 3 to 5 times per day.

With practice, you will be able to do this for longer periods, like for two or two hours per day – longer is not recommended, but don’t worry, 10-15 minutes is great to start with.

Benefits of use

The benefits of using orgasm balls are innumerable, although if we had to narrow them down, we would focus on these ones:

⦁ They increase circulation around the vagina and natural lubrication.
⦁ They help to strengthen the pelvic floor, which will improve sexual relations.
⦁ They improve certain sexual abnormalities like anorgasmia or a lack of feeling.
⦁ They help fight urinary incontinence.
⦁ They fight against constipation.
⦁ They are particularly recommended for women who have just given birth as they help the pelvic floor to return to its natural state.
⦁ They act as an assistant for people who have recently had genitourinary surgery.

Whether you want them for medical reasons, for exercise, or to increase sexual pleasure, orgasm balls should be your next purchase; you can’t go wrong!

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